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B.Pettus: The Collection

 B. Pettus: The Collection creates leather footwear, accessories and home goods that are timeless and memorable. We do this by combining traditional victorian techniques with modern silhouettes. We believe the truly stylish do not need to conform to the “normal” and our version of luxury leather goods exudes a sense of confidence and individuality.

The inspiration was born during the founder's time hand making shoes in Florence, Italy. His final masters program collection was influenced by an opera singer who died during World War II. She died trying to retrieve her jewels after leaving the safety of a bomb shelter. For B. Pettus: The Collection, the fable behind the brand begins with the opera singer's ancestry. It is the inheritance of the jewels she went to retrieve that created a sibling rivalry that lives on to this day. The family's conflict spawned an "Us" vs. "Them" collection of luxury fashion goods that use precious metals and jewels inspired by those the opera singer tried to retrieve. The rivalry also presents itself in the collection through the many gender-neutral footwear styles that are available in EU sizing and distinguished with (U) "Us" or (T) "Them." Each season, we present wearable styles that blur the line between luxury and sport. Throughout our collection, we feature pieces that mix traditional hand smocking with unique embroidery adorned with metals.